How people counting can improve your profit?
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IR Beams

Using IR Beam for people
counting is a fast and
cheap solution..

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Camera People Counting gives
you the flexibility no
other sensor can

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Thermal Sensor

Thermal People Counting
will count in complete

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About Us

We are a team of dedicated young and matured, energetic and creative peoples that are passionate about people counting and big data that will enhance business competitiveness and planning for retail, malls and event organizers.

We have strong and dedicated specialists in hardwares, softwares and firmwares development. We develop our own core technology from hardware, firmware to software, and thus we can leverage on our expertise for your customization and integrate to your systems (POS) seamlessly. It is our goal to make sure our customers will able to make use of people counting info and big data to increase the profit, operational of their business and guidance in making important decision in advertising and marketing budget.

We welcome any feedback from our customers or potential customers so that we will continue to improve our products and services. We foucs on CIA - Cost effectiveness, easy Installation and Accurate data.

Why choose BlueGlobin

BlueGlobin people counting system will give you the opportunity to:

a) Collect statistics of your visitors, ie, traffic count and attraction rate. Heat map is also available with our camera people counting sensor.

b) Track and analyse visitor trends and preference, ie, know when is your store peak hours, frequency of visits, new visitors profile, etc.

c) Calculate conversion rate and attraction rate. A very important data you cannot afford to lose!

d) Evaluate your sales team performance!

e) Make important decisions such as A&P budgeting, store relocations, business plan.

Easy Installation

Our sensors was designed to make installation friendly to installer. Auto configure feature, one step configure. We have various sensors to suit your needs, from low cost to high end, from horizontal to vertical sensors, from IR beam, to camera/thermal. We have everything you need under one roof.

Best Value

BlueGlobin is the original manufacturer and designer of the people counting sensors, and thus we can offer the best price no other company can offer. We are not sole distributors, dealers, we have our own R&D teams and manufacturing know-how to produce the best sensors for your need. We always improve our products based on feedback from our valued customers. We can always customized our software and hardware to suit your need.

Robust and Accurate

Our sensors are robust and accurate based on the best in class technology that we developed in-house and always improving. Our sensors are very robust that run 24/7 without failure. We give all our sensors 3 (Three) years warranty and 180-day money back guarantee because we believed in our products and technology.

Easy Reporting

We provide on-site reporting (offline report) and online reporting (aka web reporting). We also have Android apps reporting. Our reporting is easy to use, with beautiful graphics and various graphs for comparison. We provide daily, weekly, day of week, monthly, hourly, half hourly, quarter hourly reporting for traffic, conversion rate, attraction rate, sales and transactions and also comparison reports for your various outlets. Call us now for a free demo for our reporting software either offline report or online report. Since we have our own dedicated R&D teams, we can customized our reporting software to suit your needs if you have special requirement.

Auditing and System Monitoring Services

We provide auditing for all your data and automated system monitoring for all our sensors. Automated system monitoring will inform you any of your sensors is not working, and need your attention, for example, a power failure occured, a Wifi router problem, etc. We will ensure all your precious data is intact all the time.